OpenSeed Premium

Science-backed immersive experiences for a calmer, happier, and more creative workforce. 


Empower your team with the most important tools for individual and organizational transformation: 

Awareness, Focus, and Mindset

The global mental health epidemic is costing companies $45B a year in lost productivity and almost 60% of workers believe that their employers are not doing enough to support their mental health. 

Why Meditation ? 

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to elevate mental wellbeing, yet millions of people still find it difficult to start or maintain a consistent practice. 

Why Pods ?

We believe that it all starts with cultivating awareness through a still mind.  Stillness is the point at which your mind has slowed down, the chatter has subsided, and you start to cultivate equanimity, presence, calm, and focus.  Awareness is always the first step because if people are not aware of old thought patterns, behaviors, triggers, and subconscious programming, they cannot begin to heal and transform.

OpenSeed creates immersive environments that induce states of stillness, and over time, help you become an effective meditator for life


Immersive wellness environments for the home + workplace.

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