What type of pods do you have and how much do they cost?

We have 2 models:

Lotus. This is our large-sized pod that can fit up to 2 people. Currently available for purchase. Contact Sales for pricing. 


Iris. This is our brand new design (currently in pre-launch phase). For a limited time, we are offering an opportunity to make a pre-launch, fully refundable reservation for $2,500 that secures a 10% discount. The normal price is $16,000 and with this offer, you get the pod for $14,600 (excluding shipping, installation and premium content plans). As we get closer to production, you’ll be able to choose from various color options and finishes.  Pods will be shipped to customers in late Spring of 2024.

Are the pods sound-proof?

The pod is constructed using felt panels, which are sound dampening materials. Although it is not 100% soundproof, the pod blocks about 60-70% of the sound from the outside. Users have the option of using headphones or listening to the content via the speakers. They can easily toggle between the two. 

Ideally, the pod would be  placed in a relatively quiet area. Since the speakers are in close proximity to the user, the actual volume during sessions tends to be low and minimal noise spills outside the pod, although the acoustics of the room/space play a factor.


Is there a warranty included?

Yes. Standard warranty is for 12 months. Extended warranty is available to cover damage or defects caused by workmanship for longer periods. See sales contract. 

Are there any other ongoing fees?

Every pod comes with a free content plan. Our premium content plan is an optional upgrade which includes more content options, the aromatherapy channel, and many other premium features in the future.

What are the space, electricity, and connectivity requirements?

SPACE: The actual footprint of the pod is 50 sq. ft., but we recommend allocating at least 100 sq. ft. to allow ample space for users to utilize the pod unobstructed by any other furniture that may disrupt the user experience.

ELECTRICITY:  Pod requires one 20 amp electrical outlet. Pod will use about 2,000 Kwh/year. 

CONNECTIVITY: Each Pod comes with a wifi-enabled tablet. Internet connection is required for updating content and for real-time log-in uf users (if enabled). 

How is it cleaned or maintained?

We recommend vacuuming once a week on exterior and interior of pod to remove felt shedding. Vinyl seating and backrest should be cleaned with normal non-toxic cleaners. Recommended deep cleaning (including under the upholstery, fans, and electronics) every 3 months. 

We also recommend implementing “pod usage etiquette” with simple things like ‘no drink or food policy” and wiping the touchscreen after each use. Your account manager will assist you in best practices to keep you pod looking great and functioning properly for years. 


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