Built-in Touchscreen

Menu of guided meditations, sound therapies, and other experiences with volume and color brightness controls.

Light Therapy

LED light sequences programmed to synchronize with audio, letting users be immersed in the healing power of colors and guided with chromatic cues for breathing exercises and visualizations.


A subtle calming scent welcomes users into the pod. A small compartment stores essential oils that can be paired with each experience.

Immersive Audio 

Multi-channel concealed speakers in close proximity provide real-life immersive audio experiences, spreading therapeutic sound vibrations and transporting users to happy places of calm and peace.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones can be activated in loud environments to block out external noises. Pod can be used in speaker or headphone mode, depending on environment and acoustics of the space. 

Ergonomic and Adjustable Seating

A removable center cushion reveals a circular bench with a backrest, allowing users to sit in lotus or in a normal sitting posture. Comfortable but firm seat and backrest encourages upright posture for meditation. Strong, long-lasting vinyl seating allows air to flow and heat to dissipate, especially in high usage environments.

Air Circulation

Multiple fans extract air to continuously cleanse the pod while providing a gentle, soft breeze for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Sound Isolating Shell

100% wool felt shaped in hyperbolic paraboloid panels are connected by their thickness and provide a soft-to-touch, natural fabric which allows air to flow while blocking out external noises.

Group Sessions

The pod can fit up to 3 people, allowing for group sessions, team building and connection.


Immersive wellness environments for the home + workplace.

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