OpenSeed meditation pods are designed to provide moments of calm in the workplace and other high-traffic locations. By integrating sound, aroma, lighting, and technology, our purpose is facilitate access to stillness and higher states of awareness.

The Experience
Book your session
Enter the Seed
Choose your Experience
Close your eyes
Feel the vibrations
Immerse in the colors of life
Let go and enjoy the bliss

Built-in Touchscreen
Menu of guided meditations, sound therapies, and other experiences with volume, brightness, and color controls.

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Sounds & Meditations
OpenSeed’s collaboration with meditation teachers, neuroscientists, healing artists, sound therapists, and audio engineers allows us to offer immersive sound experiences and science-based meditation content. We aspire to usher in a new genre of meditation music and medical-grade sound design that induce calm, restores positive energy, and elevate human performance.

Our Customers
We are partnering with some of the world’s largest companies to facilitate moments of calm to millions of people every day. In 2019, we’ll be distributing pods in corporate offices, airport lounges, co-working spaces, shopping centers, hotels, and universities, among other locations in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

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