A Lotus Pod by OpenSeed at Deloitte Canada in Laval, Quebec. Photo: James Brittain Photography

OpenSeed is partnering with some of the world’s largest companies to facilitate moments of calm to millions of people every day. Our meditation pods have proven to be a valuable amenity in corporate offices, hospitals, and co-working spaces.

At Deloitte Canada, we are committed to fostering a supportive work environment that prioritizes the well-being of our Talent. By integrating workplace design and wellness initiatives, we empower our workforce to excel in both our professional and personal pursuits. Central to this effort is facilitating meditation in the workplace, which plays a significant role in helping our Talent manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve overall mental and emotional well-being. We are happy to incorporate OpenSeed’s meditation pods to empower our team with this wellness tool. ”

 – Kendra Earle, Senior Designer, Corporate Real Estate Workplace Strategy & Design, Deloitte Canada


“The OpenSeed meditation pod has become an indispensable part of our wellness program. We are proud to provide this remarkable resource for relaxation and concentration. It’s not just a pod; it’s a transformative experience. Our team at Future of Cities has embraced this addition wholeheartedly. Some of us have incorporated it into our daily routines, using it as a powerful tool to deepen our meditation practices. Others turn to it during stressful moments or when seeking a spark of inspiration. It’s like having a mental reset button right in the heart of our workspace.”


– Tony Cho, Founder and CEO

“Veterinary medicine is a compassionate profession with many rewards yet a very emotionally demanding nature. Across our industry there is an alarming rate of burnout, compassion fatigue, and even suicide. At Veterinary Health Associates, we empower our team to live their best lives, both within our walls and beyond, fulfilling our mission of “Helping people, pets and planet become healthy, happy and healed”.

We installed Openseed’s meditation pod about 3 months ago and we are noticing positive results among our 140+ employees who have all access anytime. De-escalating the stressful environment of 24/7 emergency services with a quick 5-10 minute session shifts physiology from high sympathetic tone to a grounded parasympathetic state.  The pod is an integral part of this commitment to our team and we look forward to encouraging our staff to practice mindfulness and meditation and maintain a consistent practice.”


– Dr. Loren Nations, CEO. Veterinary Healthcare Associates


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