“When you close your eyes, you feel as if you’re in a real sound healing session with the vibrations enveloping your body. Very powerful and therapeutic.”


“This pod is comfy and inviting. Perfect acoustics and interior dimensions gives it a womb-like vibe without making you feel claustrophobic. You always come out feeling lighter.”


“Apart from being strikingly beautiful, the pod sessions are powerful and and effective, which allows our members to take short and rejuvenating breaks throughout the day. It’s been an excellent addition to our wellness programming.”


“The combination of light, design, and sound takes you into a deep state of relaxation. I was there for 15 minutes, but felt like 45. Very rejuvenating.”


“It’s pretty magical. As soon as you enter, you feel a sense of peace. It’s much easier to meditate here than at my desk or any other area in the office.”


“I wish there where pods all over the city and in my home. Timeouts here would change the game!”


“The pod lead to an incredibly refreshing meditation session. As someone who meditates often, it helped me continue my practice during the workday. This is invaluable in any work space and I can see it leading to an increase in my productivity as well as my team’s.”


“OpenSeed has given me a space to experience stillness within, I’m always so excited to show others the power of meditation! OpenSeed is the perfect example.”


“It honors the ancient practice of mediation in a cool design in a modern setting. I felt as if I was in another galaxy. It’s a magical experience.”

Maria Elena

“Open Seed meditations are more effective for me than any other meditation apps since it encourages me to disconnect from all devices and eliminates all distractions. The cocoon-like feeling helps me get in the zone much quicker.”


Immersive wellness environments for the home + workplace.

224 NE 59th St
Miami, FL 33137