Meditating in OpenSeed pods Increases Effectiveness of Meditation, Study shows.

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Corporate, Meditation

OpenSeed’s meditation pods were recently used in Japan to conduct a study that tested the effectiveness of micro-environments that integrate sound, light, and aroma to calm the nervous system and reduce stress. The study was conducted at the headquarters of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings.

Over a period of 3 weeks, 30 subjects were divided into 3 groups, Group A meditated in pods, Group B meditated without pods, and Group C did not meditate. Over the course of the study, subjects were tested with heart rate monitors, EEG, and surveys.  

Supervising this study was Dr. Michihito Sugawara, neurosurgeon and director of Sugawara Neurosurgery Clinic. 

“Meditation inside a pod showed greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and more relaxation than in other locations. This suggests that pods can further increase the positive effects of meditation. Also, subjects who used the pods reported less unease, stress, and fatigue, and ability to look at situations more objectively. I believe meditation inside pods can further improve our mental and physical health.”

Although further clinical studies need to be conducted, the recent study shows that isolated and controlled environments  have great potential to quickly and effectively quiet the mind, reduce stress and help with peak performance.



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