IRIS (Initial Deposit)


The retail price is $16,000.

Your $2,500 initial deposit has benefits:

  1. Provides a 10% discount ($1,600 off) of the retail price of $16,000
  2. Secures your pod in our production line
  3. It’s fully refundable if you decide not proceed with a purchase. 
  • Your price with discount: $14, 400 – $2,500 (initial deposit) = $11,900.
  • Price excludes shipping and installation (about $ 2,500 in the continental US.)
  • Includes the standard content plan

Shipment of IRIS is scheduled to start shipping in September 2023. After you place your initial deposit, you’ll receive more info leading up to production and have the chance to personalize your order (felt colors, interior color and wood finishes) and make a second deposit to secure your purchase. 


About Iris

The Iris is a freestanding meditation pod that  integrates elegantly with existing office furniture and office design to offer a quiet space to retreat to during the workday.  The meditation pod facilitates moments of stillness in busy environments by using sounds, guided meditation, lighting, and aromatherapy. The design centers on three concepts:

User Experience

The design of the tech-powered Iris syncs sound, aroma, lighting, and science-based meditation practices with a built-in touchscreen to alleviate stress and provide privacy in high-traffic or noisy spaces. It offers a simple and grounded experience, coupled with an interior that is comfortable and inspiring. Upon arrival, the user enters a new atmosphere ready to decompress and tap into a relaxed state of mind.  

Lean and Modular Design

A simplified structure with impactful design details, reduction of material waste, minimal complexity of assembly, and mindfulness of production and delivery is central to the concept. The fabric and wood components for the exterior frame snap together through a tensioning mechanism without additional hardware and thus can be shipped flat to their final destination. The seed-shaped meditation pods incorporate sustainably harvested wood or wood created from manufacturing waste and recycled wool or felt to evoke a sense of calm and a connection to nature. The felt serves as an acoustical buffer, and a choice of a self-contained sound system or noise-canceling headphones further envelops each user and allows them to focus solely on the experience. 


Recycled wood and wool enable the pod to be efficiently and sustainably built and eventually be recycled at the end of its life. The felt wall material can be customized in different colors and patterns to company style and preferences, in addition, the felt provides acoustic isolation, structural strength, and a comforting, familiar texture.



Pod Details:
Structure: Wood. 
Sound-insulating shell 100% Felt.
Size: 6 ft W x 8 ft H
Weight: ~400 pounds.
Finish 0% VOC.

*Felt colors and wood finish options available soon.


Electronic Equipment:

Tablet: Built-in touchscreen with user interface to activate experiences.
Sound System:  High fidelity speakers in close proximity. One pair of high-quality headphones. Users can switch between headphone and speaker mode.
Ventilation: Automatic fan system.
LED lighting: Light sequences programmed with audio experiences.
Power: The pod requires one (1) 20 amp outlet.


Please Note: Iris is in development. Final design and exact specs are subject to change in production phase.




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