Jonathan Marcoschamer – Founder & CEO.

After learning the ancient meditation practice of Vipassana through a 10-day silent meditation course, Jonathan became aware of the power of meditation and understood that it is a skill that everyone should learn and practice. He noticed his heightened ability to focus, gain clarity, and cultivate equanimity, but most importantly, he noticed that people liked him more when he was heavily meditated. The idea for the pod came while sitting in an open-floor office space with nowhere to do his breathing exercises, so he envisioned a pod that allows for privacy and the integration of other therapeutic modalities that can help people chill out quickly and effectively. Connect on LinkedIn.

Anabetsy Rivero – Software development.

Anabetsy Rivero is a computer scientist with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining. She received her M.S. degree in computer science from Nova Southeastern University in 2018. Ms. Rivero’s expertise in machine learning and big data have allowed her to build powerful neural networks libraries, recommender systems, conversational agents, and anomaly detection algorithms, among others. She is a frequent public speaker at technology events and appears frequently on TV discussing artificial intelligence in healthcare and other areas.

Jasmyn Russell – Content Producer.

A passionately devoted pupil of mindfulness, meditation, and overall holistic health. Lover of the arts, food, and interpersonal connection, she uses multiple mediums to bring others to the ease of one-pointed concentration, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Jasmyn has over 11 years of experience in the practice and guidance of meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

James Termini – Software development

James Termini completed his PhD from the University of Miami in 2013. Since then he has founded several companies including software development, life science, and health tech startups. He leads a team of 80 software developers and designers for a variety of projects across several verticals.

Andres Sommer

Brand designer with an extensive expertise in art direction, concept development, ecommerce, packaging and print design. Sommer connects with OpenSeed on many levels. Through a refined aesthetic, he highlights the essential with a flair for inspiring, attractive visual statements.

McKenzie Crafts

Venture Mentoring Team

The Venture Mentoring Team (TheVMT) is a
nonprofit educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to fostering the startup community by training and credentialing Mentors and then connecting them with the best and brightest entrepreneurs to help startups reach their full potential.


Immersive wellness environments for the home + workplace.

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